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The Basics

Name Arianna
Gender Female
Race Wolf
Age 27
Eyes Green-Silver
Hair Silver
Height 5'6"
Weight 124lbs
Build Lean
Origin Moon Kingdom
Unit Moonlit
Rank Captain


Long, silver hair that flows down gently to her knees. She ties it up and back when training or in battle, otherwise she lets it flow freely. Her eyes are green, however there is a hint of silver around the pupils. While her hair is pure silver, her tail and ears are silver, but with specks of black coloring to them. Arianna is shorter than most knights, making it hard to believe she holds such a position, but she gives off an air you might expect an important royal to have.

Arianna is rarely seen out of her armor. However, it is more often to see her out of her armor than her High Captain, Raynar. She'll wear clothes according to the situation. If she needs to dawn a dress, she will. If she needs to travel, without the need of her armor, she'll wear riding clothes. Arianna has no hesitation about wearing the clothes she needs to get the job done and done right.



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Arianna is skilled in all sorts of weapons. She knows how to use a sword, albeit her favorite weapon to use is a bow with arrows. With all her knowledge of using a bow she's been directed to teach other knights, who express interest, on how to use the bow and arrows effectively, and gives them options on how they can use their own abilities (water, fire, etc) to make the attack their own/more effective.

Powers and Skills

Telekinesis. Arianna's abilities with her power are second only to her commanding officer, Raynar. However, Arianna has the most control over the element used by the Obsidian Knights, electricity and lightning. With her abilities she can moves items at the will of her mind. As with her captain she possesses the ability to create 'shields' around her person, though, as with her high captain, there is a limit to how far out the shield can be pushed. Arianna is lucky if she can get it to extend 2-3 inches beyond her own form. Also, her area of effect is a shorter distance than her commanding officer's as well, it can extend to about 10 to 15 feet. If she really pushes herself she can sometimes manage to reach almost 20 feet, however, this takes a lot of her concentration and energy, which leaves her open for attack and tires her out more quickly.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Commanding groups, tactical coordination, social

Both: Heavy armor slows her movements but allows her to take a hit better




  • Mother was a Moonlit Knight
  • Father was an Obsidian Knight.

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