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"(Insert Character Quote)"
—Beval Darksoul

Beval was my attempt to make a vampire to annoy Scythe with. And so far, so good. He's not the same as when he started out, but he still serves his purpose!

Also, when I created him, I was obsessed with strange hair colors, thus explaining why he has blue hair... shiny blue hair, but still blue hair. There's no logical explanation for this, and I mean none. Maybe he dyes it?


The Basics

Name Beval Darksoul
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Age ~300
Eyes Aqua Green
Hair Silvery Blue
Height 5'10"
Weight 155lbs
Build Average
Coven None
Rank Lone Vampire
Former Coven None
Sire Lord Darksoul
Fledgling(s) Minors:
  • Monica
  • Brad


Beval's hair comes down to his shoulders, and is an abnormal color, meaning it's a silvery blue. His eyes are the color they were when he was human, an aqua green, however, at distinct times when his power sparks(or he gets really pissed off), his eyes change color, they change to red. It's unsure of why this happens, but happens it does.

Beval's choice of clothing tends to be more modern than most vampires. He wears a dark colored button up shirt, black jeans with a belt, and black boots. When he goes out he sometimes wears a long, black, leather trench coat.

On Beval's back, between his shoulder blades, is a tattoo, a marking his family designed, to be a white crescent moon with blood dripping from the bottom of it.

Also, Beval looks no older than about 27.


He attempts to be a badass, an asshole, but it's only an act, at least most of the time. He is actually a very kind person. This can be shown by the fact that all the maids in his household once lived on the streets, were abused, or otherwise poorly treated and without a protective place to stay. So, in actuality, he's a kindhearted person to women. Beval was the oldest child, meaning he was the one who was supposed to protect his siblings, and most of his siblings were females. Beval only had one brother, the rest of his siblings were girls.

Towards men, it depends. If he considers you a friend, you've got a soft spot with him forever. However, if he doesn't like you... well, he wouldn't think twice about how crappy he treated you.

Beval has no interest in vampire politics. In fact, he'd rather avoid the whole mess. He's not a powerful vampire, but he's not the weakest link either. He's happy with his position and isn't ambitious. He's not power-hungry.

His relationship with his brother, Draco is a rocky one, at best. They've been brothers for over 300 years, they'll never fully get along. And after becoming vampires, well, their fights have gotten a bit more dangerous (when they do fight).


Beval prefers close combat, if any. Swords and daggers, he probably has you beat. However, Beval isn't against using the magic that has been passed down through his family line, and what he was also trained in using.

Vampire Powers and Skills

Basic Vampire Powers

Standard Abilities
Accelerated Healing
Allows for healing at an abnormal rate. Small wounds, such as shallow cuts and scraps can heal within seconds to a few minutes, deeper wounds can take hours to heal, and all other serious wounds would need at least a days's sleep, maybe two depending on the seriousness of the injury.
Enhanced Senses
All the senses (hearing, seeing, touch, scent and taste) are given a large boost. The vampire has the ability to see in the dark as if it were light, as well as see things from a further distance away. The hearing is so acute that a human's heartbeat can be heard, as well as even the blood flowing through the veins. The vampire can also smell blood, even from a distance as well as taste the difference in blood types, as well as what is in the blood (i.e alcohol, drugs, etc). Lastly touch allows the vampire to feel things in a much more sensitive, enhanced, manner.
Strength Boost
Meaning the vampire is 2-3 times stronger than a normal human.
Supernatural Dexterity/Agility
This ranges from being more flexible, to leaping larger/longer distances, run/move faster, balance better, etc.

Bloodline Techniques

Shadow Hop

Gives the vampire the ability to use the shadows as a form of transportation. This allows the vampire to open up the shadows and 'melt' into them, appearing out anywhere there is another shadow. The distance that can be traveled depends on how much energy the vampire has. Longer distances take more energy. However, the vampire can't shadow hop such distances as to cross over a sea and land in another continent.


Beval has the ability to use magic. He uses spells, mostly. An example is at his home, he has a type of an area spell cast on the lands and his house. This allows him to, if he can't sense with his enhanced senses, that someone has entered his property and it can even go so far as to let him know if it is friend or foe, however, he can only tell this if he's met you already. All in all, magic isn't Beval's strong suit.


  • Daggers
  • Two elongated daggers: They're longer than a normal dagger but shorter than a sword. Beval uses these as his main weapon if he doesn't have access to a sword.
  • Sword
  • Magic: Not his strong suit, but will attempt to use it if he needs to.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Working on it...

Weaknesses: Silver, holy items, sunlight, stake to heart, head shot, decapitation


In progress.

Things have been added/changed/tweaked to allow for events and changes that have been made as he has been used. Will get this section up when I have it completed/more in line.