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The Basics

Name Cavan
Gender Male
Race Wolf
Age 24
Eyes Hazel
Hair White
Height 6'2"
Weight 186lbs
Build Lean
Origin Moon Kingdom
Unit Tempest
Rank Knight


Short, spiky, snow white hair with ears to match. His tail is the same color, though a mix between fluffy and smooth. Cavan's eyes are hazel causing the color to stand out well against his white hair. His eyes, like any predator's, are reflective, giving him great night vision, though probably not enough to rival the night vision of an Obsidian knight.

When Cavan isn't in his armor, he's generally walking around in nothing but a pair of pants. He's not a fan of shoes or shirts, but will wear them if he absolutely has to. A quirk about Cavan's body: his temperature stays higher than normal, thus allowing cold, like winter, not to affect him much. It's been theorized that this is due to Cavan's abilities to manipulate ice and snow.

Cavan is expressive. He has not had training on how to hide such expressions like shock, confusion, anger and so forth, thus allowing everyone to read him like a book.

Clothes: Light blue, middle weight armor, hard leather, and gloves on his hands

Accessories: Long Sword


Cavan can be a rather easy, go with the flow, kind of person, depending on who he's around. Zephyer is one of the few knights who can influence Cavan's moods. With Zephyrus around, Cavan is normally smiling and having a good time. Otherwise Cavan is a little socially awkward, and unsure of how to really talk to anyone. Despite Cavan's social awkwardness, he' a kind person. His emotions are easily read on his face, which makes it easy to understand his moods. However, Cavan is sensitive, despite how hard or harsh he can be or seem. The only time Cavan's emotions aren't on his face is when he's been hurt, then he closes himself off.

Cavan takes his training seriously. He's an up with the sun to train kind of knight. He'll spend most of his free time training, unless a few of the other knights manage to drag him away. Cavan in a battle/fight is a different Cavan than in training or off duty. Depending on Cavan's opponent and his state of mind during a fight, Cavan can become rather ruthless. It's a build-up that takes time, but Cavan is not one to lose a fight. Cavan enjoys a good challenge, thus has no problems with the tasks his High Captain, Niketas, assigns him. He very much looks up to his captain, actually, and has a high respect for him... however, that doesn't mean he won't notice certain quirks the captain might have.

As far as relationships are concerned, Cavan is very cautious about them, and has his reasons. It just needs to be remembered that despite his looks, Cavan is a sensitive guy.

However, Cavan is still young and still has much to learn about living around royals, granted he has the basics down.


Cavan's a very harsh fighter. He's not one for passive fighting. Sparring is different, it has a different atmosphere, fighting, however, can take on a completely different air. If he's into the fight, he wants a fight. Cavan can be a mid-range to close combat fighter, though he much prefers close combat, and actually gets frustrated if he can't get in close to his opponent.


Cavan has a long sword that his Captain, Niketas, had made for him. Though he has yet to truly use it, since he prefers more to use practice swords for training.

Powers and Skills

Ice. Snow. Ice is more the primary skill Cavan exercises. He uses it anywhere from shooting ice spikes, creating vines of ice, to creating a shield of ice either off his body or creating it as armor. There are times where he will even encase his sword in ice. Along with these abilities, Cavan can cause the temperature around him, to a certain distance, to drop to his liking. Basically, he makes a great A/C in the summer time!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Learning abilities,

Weaknesses: Stubbornness,


Cavan wasn't raised as a normal knight. He never went through being a page or even a squire. However, his life wasn't much different than what you would think a squire's life would be like. Though Cavan didn't attend to any knights, and isn't full up to speed on how things always work, that didn't make his training different. He learned fighting abilities, loyalty, and honor at a very young age. He was taught how to control his abilities once they manifested themselves. Cavan would train from sun up to sun down to better his abilities, only taking a break when forced to.

He is a stable boy at heart. When he did take breaks from his training, he would spend his time in the stables, tending to the horses. He found they had a calming and relaxing effect, and he loved it. As Cavan grew older, he fell in love with a girl in his village. they were together for a long time, however, the relationship was not an easy one. As he grew older, Cavan went on more and more 'missions' to further his training and his abilities. This put a horrible amount of stress on the girl, causing her great insecurities, so much so that when Cavan would come back, the two did nothing but argue. She was starting to think Cavan was cheating on her, and despite all Cavan's efforts, he couldn't make her believe him when he said he wasn't cheating.

A few years of this went on, and it was taking it's toll on the both of them. Cavan loved her, so he couldn't bare the thought of leaving her, but he could also see how miserable all his travels were making her. Being raised to strive to become a knight, he felt duty bound to this path, and couldn't leave it now. He knew nothing else, besides tending horses. He came home one day, planning on letting her know he was breaking off their relationship, unable to stand the pain he was causing her, however, when he returned he found the village in mourning. When he asked what happened people would just tell him to go see the girl's mother. When he did, he found out the girl had killed herself, unable to take the pain anymore. Despite no one placing blame on him for what happened, Cavan has always blamed himself for her death. It is something that hinders his ability to be in a relationship, for that is the ending he always fears.

It was around this time that his abilities were taken note of by the knights and he was allowed to become one. It was strange, to let one join who had not gone through the normal training, but Cavan's abilities were something that could no longer be ignored. Cavan was given armor and assigned to the Tempest Knights, who are affectionately dubbed the Snow Knights, a sub-division of the Maelstorm Knights. Cavan's abilities exceeded most of the new knights, though, Cavan still has things about castle life to learn.

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