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I like him. He's my first character that can be considered 'laid back'. He's hard to make angry, but it's not impossible. Ceyx was created to deal with a lil fiery squire that belongs to a friend, however, he's also the other half (not anything relationship wise) to another knight, Letizai.

The Basics

Name Ceyx
Gender Male
Race Wolf
Age 25
Eyes Silver
Hair Dark Red
Height 5'11"
Weight 183lbs
Build Lean/Muscle
Origin Moon Kingdom
Unit Inferno
Rank Knight


Silver eyes that stand out against his dark coloring. Ceyx doesn't have the bright red coloring that you would think most of the Inferno Knights to have, thus sometimes causing him to be mistaken for an Ember Knight. His dark red hair is long, flowing and silky to the touch, while his dark red ears and tail are peppered with specks of black coloring.


Ceyx is a laid back person. He's the silent observer type. He prefers to stay out of the drama that happens around the castle and be a neutral party. The only time he gets himself involved, and does so without thinking about it, is when Letizai is involved. Due to Ceyx's silent manner and blunt way of saying things he can sometimes come across as cruel or mean, when that wasn't his intention at all.

Ceyx is kind and caring, and a reliable knight. He's someone you can count on to help you, even if he might say it was your own fault.

You see most of the knights who are fire abilities easy to set off, or have a high level or energy, or even both sometimes. Ceyx is odd one in the group, in that he doesn't show the energy the others do. If he is upset for any reason he finds it difficult to bring himself back down to a calm zone unless he's spent all his energy raging.



Sword. Fire.

Powers and Skills

Fire. Ceyx can control fire and manipulate it to his will. He can do things from creating a small flame in his hand to creating a cage of fire, to burning a person into ashes, however, this last one can take some time and energy, since the fire has to be hot enough, so just burning a person to death will work. The only time it's easy enough for him to burn a person in ashes is if he has others from his unit working together with him.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Taking orders, working in a group, observing others



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