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"(Insert Character Quote)"
—Delano Desiderio

He's more or less a vampire that doesn't get used much. Why? It's hard to play him. It takes time and thought to figure out how he'd react to things/handle them. He's an old vampire and... I don't really have those down yet. :D


The Basics

Name Delano Cynric Desiderio
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Age ~800
Eyes Deep Dark Red
Hair Black
Height 6'3"
Weight 176lbs
Build Average/Lean
Coven His Own
Rank Master
Former Coven None
Sire N/A
Fledgling(s) Notably
  • Rosalina
  • Victoria


Delano is regal. He has long, black flowing hair. It's always nicely kept, and can often be thought of as black silk. His eyes are a deep, dark red, though they did not start out this color, he is unsure of why they changed over the years. He stands tall, his shoulders always squared and back always straight, looking the part of an old lord.

Always dressed well, he doesn't always dress like what would be thought of a vampire, meaning he doesn't always wear black/dark clothing. There are times he wears a brilliant white shirt and black slacks to go with it. His clothing choice doesn't often change much. He can always been seen wearing a nice, semi-fancy shirt, always made of oft material, and black slacks to go with the shirt. His boots match his outfit, nice, but not overly so. He likes to try and keep things as simple as possible.


I don't believe there is much to really say on his personality. Delano prefers to avoid fighting or violence of any sort. He's not a fan of it, though this does not mean he's defenseless. He often tries to be kind and understanding, though, as for anyone, there are things that spark his anger. He's proud, but he is able to admit to mistakes he makes or has made over his lifetime.

He lets his wife, Rosalina, do as she pleases, however, there is only so much he will allow. If a line is crossed, he will punish her. This is also the same for his daughter, Victoria. He is not forgiving with his punishments for them either. He will choose a punishment that fits the crime that was committed and he will stick to it. It may be his wife or daughter he is punishing, but he is their lord, their sire, and he will not tolerate being made to look as though he is weak through their actions.


Delano avoids fighting. However, he is skilled in magic and sword play. (And for some reason I think Dungeons and Dragons... wtf?)

Vampire Powers and Skills

Basic Vampire Powers

Standard Abilities
Accelerated Healing
Allows for healing at an abnormal rate. Small wounds, such as shallow cuts and scraps can heal within seconds to a few minutes, deeper wounds can take hours to heal, and all other serious wounds would need at least a days's sleep, maybe two depending on the seriousness of the injury.
Enhanced Senses
All the senses (hearing, seeing, touch, scent and taste) are given a large boost. The vampire has the ability to see in the dark as if it were light, as well as see things from a further distance away. The hearing is so acute that a human's heartbeat can be heard, as well as even the blood flowing through the veins. The vampire can also smell blood, even from a distance as well as taste the difference in blood types, as well as what is in the blood (i.e alcohol, drugs, etc). Lastly touch allows the vampire to feel things in a much more sensitive, enhanced, manner.
Strength Boost
Meaning the vampire is 2-3 times stronger than a normal human.
Supernatural Dexterity/Agility
This ranges from being more flexible, to leaping larger/longer distances, run/move faster, balance better, etc.

Bloodline Techniques


The ability to conjure and use spells. He can do just about anything, from creating an attack to invoking protection spells. His magic not only dabbles in what is considered 'black magic' but what is also considered 'white magic'. However, he's ability to cast a healing spell? Poor. He focuses more on attacks, protection, and bindings.


  • Sword
  • Magic

Strengths and Weaknesses




One day I'll work out all the events and timing and whatnot... and when I do... I'll post it here.

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