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"My Lord...."
—Drake Shadowheart

Drake was created to work with Scythe, to give the vampire some company. His turn into a vampire wasn't what was planned for him, but it's working out better for him than him having been stuck as a human. Drake is one of my favorite characters to randomly play with and to shove into random situations. He's a character I can stick into almost any setting (so long as there's no sun), and make him work with it.

The Basics

Name Drake Shadowheart
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Age 23
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Height 5'8"
Weight 145lbs
Build Average
Coven None
Rank Lone Vampire
Former Coven None
Sire Scythe
Fledgling(s) None


Short, black hair, that doesn't even reach his shoulders. It's never tame, but has a messy look to it that suits him. His eyes are a bright green, and since becoming a vampire, they have more of a shine/glow to them, so that instead of making you think of like green grass, they make you think of emeralds.

Drake's complexion has always been rather pale. As a human he never ate much, just enough to keep him alive and kicking, and now that he's a vampire, the only time he doesn't look like the walking dead is after he's fed and he has warm blood flowing through his body. Drake's build is average. He's got some muscle, but he's never really been built, not even enough to be considered lean, but he's not exactly skinny and frail either. He's a nice balance between the two.

Most of Drake's clothing is black. Black button up shirt, black slacks, black boots. Nothing flashy, since he's not the type who wants to draw attention to himself. Drake owns a few other colored items, but rarely wears them. The only thing that makes him stand out when he goes into town is the fact he wears a cape. Having an old sire, this is something Drake sees as being normal, and the cloak comes with benefits.


First thing to be noted about Drake, he is extremely loyal to his sire, Scythe, so much so that there have been times he has allowed his sire to nearly kill him. Drake may not always agree or get along with his sire, but when push comes to shove, Drake will always defend him. His loyalty to his sire is the only stable thing in Drake's mind anymore. Then again, Drake's mind has probably been unstable for quite some time.

Drake has suicidal episodes. He's prone to them. Though, as time has passed, they have become less frequent, or maybe just less noticeable? Drake used to be a kind person, always trying to make others happy, but as time has passed, Drake seemed to stop caring about others altogether. The only one he cares about anymore is his sire, or at least that how he plays it off. Despite how he might come off, Drake isn't as heartless as he plays at being. However, you have to be someone special for him to care about you anymore.

Drake has his moments however. During these moments, he can come across as completely human again. The only thing that gives away that he isn't human is the slight vampiric aura he still gives off, though it can be hard to notice this energy. However, these moments are extremely rare. Mostly Drake is fascinated by bloodshed, feeding, and learning new ways to torture and kill others.

Blood has quite the effect on him, as he is still a young vampire. When first turned Drake hated the idea of feeding, now it excites him, the whole process excites him. He enjoys choosing his prey, hunting them, stalking them, luring them in, and finally feeding from them. Feeding in this form is quite the aphrodisiac to Drake, which can also make him rather vulnerable. So, as much of a pleasurable time feeding is for him, it's also a dangerous time.

Basically? Drake's unstable, so who knows what you'll get from him. The only constant is his blind loyalty to his sire.


Drake isn't fully used to combat. He has been trained in it by his sire, but it's not a strength for his. He really hates the idea of fighting against another vampire, though he has no qualms about picking fights with hunters. But when fighting another vampire, Drake will try to either talk his way out of it or he'll try to run.

Vampire Powers and Skills

Basic Vampire Powers

Standard Abilities
Accelerated Healing
Allows for healing at an abnormal rate. Small wounds, such as shallow cuts and scraps can heal within seconds to a few minutes, deeper wounds can take hours to heal, and all other serious wounds would need at least a days's sleep, maybe two depending on the seriousness of the injury.
Enhanced Senses
All the senses (hearing, seeing, touch, scent and taste) are given a large boost. The vampire has the ability to see in the dark as if it were light, as well as see things from a further distance away. The hearing is so acute that a human's heartbeat can be heard, as well as even the blood flowing through the veins. The vampire can also smell blood, even from a distance as well as taste the difference in blood types, as well as what is in the blood (i.e alcohol, drugs, etc). Lastly touch allows the vampire to feel things in a much more sensitive, enhanced, manner.
Strength Boost
Meaning the vampire is 2-3 times stronger than a normal human.
Supernatural Dexterity/Agility
This ranges from being more flexible, to leaping larger/longer distances, run/move faster, balance better, etc.
Energy Manipulation
Drake can manipulate his energy, just as almost every other vampire can do. This allows him to change the way his victim feels when he's feeding. He can use it to calm and relax them if he so wishes, and he can even numb their feeling of the pain, changing it to something that's pleasurable. He can also transfer it to his clock, allowing him to use it as a shield. Drake hasn't exactly mastered the ability to use his cloak as a weapon like his sire.

Bloodline Techniques

Shadow Hop

Gives the vampire the ability to use the shadows as a form of transportation. This allows the vampire to open up the shadows and 'melt' into them, appearing out anywhere there is another shadow. The distance that can be traveled depends on how much energy the vampire has. Longer distances take more energy. However, the vampire can't shadow hop such distances as to cross over a sea and land in another continent. At least, Drake doesn't have this ability.

Shadow Manifestation

Drake has the ability to manifest the shadows to his will. This typically takes on the form of a wall, for his protection, or a sword, in case he is unable to use his daggers (i.e the enemy is too close with a larger weapon). However, this is all based on the vampire's energy. Were Drake to have no energy, the shadows would not manifest. It takes more energy to manifest the shadows than to shadow hop.


The ability to move things with one's mind. This is ability Drake doesn't have full control over. So far, the ability has only appeared from him when he is in a highly stressed emotional state of mind and without his conscious thought. This ability is something Drake has yet to be able to use consciously.


Drake can feel the emotions of those around. The higher the emotion, the more he feels it. As a human it was very subtle, but after becoming a vampire, the 'sense' was heightened to an extreme level. After becoming a vampire, this is something Drake was finally able to learn how to use at his own will, meaning he can now place up a barrier to block out the ability to feel other's emotions.


  • Daggers - He carries daggers with him everywhere. It is unknown how many he actually carries, since he will stash them all over his person, from his belt, to his sleeves, to his boots, to anywhere else he can find to hide them.
  • Drakken - Drake's shadow manifested sword.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Loyalty, determination, quick learner

Weaknesses: Silver, holy items, sunlight, stake to heart, head shot, decapitation(this could really mess up anyone's night...)


In Progress. Subject to edits.

Drake was born to a mother and father and into a rather happy, middle-class home. His father worked hard to provide money and save up while his mother spent her time taking care of Drake and the house. However, this state of happiness didn't last long. Drake's father ended up in with the wrong people. It's not known what really happened at Drake's house one night, but has been printed in the news that his father shot his mother while they were in a heated argument.

It was that night that Drake ran away from his home, and away from his father. While wandering the streets Drake ran into Zack, who was also living on his own, despite his young age. Zack took Drake in, not being able to stand the idea of the young boy wandering the streets without someone to protect him. However, Zack wasn't exactly in the straight and narrow in how he attained his money, but it didn't bother Drake. It was a couple years after Drake had been living with Zack that he learned, through the newspaper, that his father had died. The details of his death weren't in the paper, but it still gave Drake a bad feeling.

After his father's death, Drake went back to his old house to see what had become of it. While he wandered the house he managed to come across a stash of money his father had hidden in one of Drake's favorite hiding spots. Inside the lock box, Drake found a note that his father left for him, detailing an apology, an explanation of how things came to be and that the money that was hidden there was for him to use. Drake wanted to stick around the house longer, however he suddenly felt sick and the feeling was followed by the sound of voices. Drake slipped out of the house and out of sight, but stuck around to see who it was that was looking through the house.

He went back home, to his place with Zack, and hid the money. He told Zack he had it, but wouldn't let the older boy know where it was, since he didn't want it to be used carelessly. Drake may have been the younger one, but he was the more responsible one between the two. It wasn't long after this that they came across a young girl who was being beaten. Zack fended them off and Drake took her back to their place, where they took care of her, and allowed her to live with them. Ashinta.

It there were a few years of happiness and family-like feeling with the three of them, but this wasn't bound to last. The man who was behind the death of Drake's mother and father had found out about him, and about his little family.

Drake came home one night from shopping for some food to find his home completely destroyed and a note left, telling him that Zack and Ashinta were being held captive and to bring the money his father had left for him if he wanted to see them alive. Drake did as he was told and met with this man, Thomas. Things didn't go smoothly, like Thomas had promised they would. Drake handed the money over, but instead of getting Zack and Ashinta back alive, Thomas had had them killed. This left Drake with nothing, once again, except a longing to get back at this man.

Drake survived for a few years after this, alone, and through episodes of severe depression. It was after Drake turned 17, that he ran across Scythe. A year after being with the vampire, Drake was turned, and within the first year of his turning he was finally given the chance to get back at Thomas.

It's not known if Thomas survived his meeting with Drake, just that the man has not been heard from again. And it seemed after this, Drake was finally able to fully release his past in favor of clinging to the sire who knows just how to push him right.

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