Ishild Diederich

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"Ja, mein Fuhrer."
—Ishild Diederich

Ishild, Ishild, Ishild.. What is there to say? I wanted a vampy of my own that was part of the Vampire German Nazis my friend had going on, but I wanted someone high up on the food chain, and well, here came Ishild.


The Basics

File:Ishild Headshot.png
Ishild Diederich
Name Ishild Diederich
Code Name Katinka
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Age ~200
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Height 5'10"
Weight 148lbs
Build Average/Curvy
Origin Germany
Coven Monsere (Germany)
Rank Elite
Former Coven None
Sire Monsere
Fledgling(s) N/A


Long, silky blonde hair that flows freely most of the time. It reaches down to about her back-side, and her blue eyes having a piercing look to them. Her features are elegant, something you would picture from someone who comes from high-class bloodline.

Her formal clothing, such as if she were to have a pre-planned meeting with the Fuhrer, is a black SS uniform. It still has an older look to it, but it has also been tailored to her liking, allowing it to fit her form nicely, but still keep a professional look to her. She loves her uniform, but doesn't wear it all the time, since she doesn't want anything to happen to it.

So when she isn't wearing her uniform, she tends to be wearing a button-up the front blouse, which tends to be white, and black slacks, along with black high-heels. This still gives her a professional look.


Ishild is very loyal to her Fuhrer. She doesn't like to be questioned. However, she will still find ways to have her fun. She doesn't pretend that her Fuhrer knows nothing about it, in fact, she believes her Fuhrer to know all about her actions. Her belief is that as long as it doesn't hinder her duty to her Fuhrer that there is no harm in doing it. This means, if she believes if doing something were to hinder her carrying out one of her Fuhrer's orders, she would cut herself off.


Soldier Training

Hand-To-Hand Combat

She can kick your ass without the use of a weapon.

Close Weapon Combat

  • Swords
  • Knifes/Daggers
  • Staffed Weapons (i.e scythes, glavies)
  • Anything close-combat related

Gun Combat

  • Short-Range
She can shoot you right up in your face
  • Medium-Range
She can shoot you from a distance away
  • Long-Range
She can sniper your ass from a further distance than a human could

Tactical Kknowledge

Basically she can come up with a plan to wipe you clean out.

Vampire Powers and Skills

Basic Vampire Powers

Standard Abilities
Accelerated Healing
Allows for healing at an abnormal rate. Small wounds, such as shallow cuts and scraps can heal within seconds to a few minutes, deeper wounds can take hours to heal, and all other serious wounds would need at least a days's sleep, maybe two depending on the seriousness of the injury.
Enhanced Senses
All the senses (hearing, seeing, touch, scent and taste) are given a large boost. The vampire has the ability to see in the dark as if it were light, as well as see things from a further distance away. The hearing is so acute that a human's heartbeat can be heard, as well as even the blood flowing through the veins. The vampire can also smell blood, even from a distance as well as taste the difference in blood types, as well as what is in the blood (i.e alcohol, drugs, etc). Lastly touch allows the vampire to feel things in a much more sensitive, enhanced, manner.
Strength Boost
Meaning the vampire is 2-3 times stronger than a normal human.
Supernatural Dexterity/Agility
This ranges from being more flexible, to leaping larger/longer distances, run/move faster, balance better, etc.

Bloodline Techniques

In Progress


  • She can kick yer ass with basically anything she can get her hands on.. and even without anything.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Soon to come... ....maybe