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My spunky character. I don't have a lot, but she's one I try to keep full of energy and always bouncing around. She's one of those characters that's used as a type of ice breaker.

The Basics

Name Letizai
Gender Female
Race Wolf
Age 23
Eyes Blue-Green
Hair Dark Blue
Height 5'5"
Weight 122lbs
Build Lean
Origin Moon Kingdom
Unit Maelstorm
Rank Knight


Long dark blue hair that falls down to her rear, and a blue-green tint to her eyes. Her ears and tail are the same pure, dark blue color as her hair and feel just as soft. When the light hits her hair/fur as she's moving it could almost be mistaken for flowing water.


Bright and full of energy. She can talk a mile-a-minute and it tends to land her into trouble, which can make her grateful to have her other half(not in a relationship manner), Ceyx there to give her fair warning that she's going too far. Letizai is the type to jump to conclusions without fully thinking things through.

All she wants is to be good at her job, fulfill her duties to her best abilities, and have fun while doing it. She hates seeing others down, and will tend to poke her nose into things that aren't her business. This also tends to get her into trouble. She knows she's not as great a knight as the others, her physical combat skills are average, at best, but it never stops her or gets her down. It just makes her work that much harder.


(Insert combat style here)



Powers and Skills

Water. Like the other Maelstorm Knights, she has the power to control the water. She can create moisture in the air, cause it to rain, and even throw a ball of water at your face. However, her skills are limited. Not by her actual abilities, but by her mental capacity. Letizai doesn't believe she's powerful, and that's a hindrance to her growth as a Maelstorm Knight.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Energetic, Determination, Willingness to try

Weaknesses: Lack of faith in herself, Ceyx's temper, cold weather


A work in progress...

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