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"Anything you wish, Your Majesty."


Raynar is a difficult character for me, a challenge, but I welcome it all the same. He's meant to be get along with everyone, but also be protective, as well as a commander. The commanding portion is the part that is the challenge for me, as none of my characters are truly 'take charge' type, as he is meant to be when the time comes. However, he is fun to work with, and gives me the ability to try something new.

The Basics

Name Raynar
Gender Male
Race Wolf
Age 33
Eyes Silver w/ hints of dark blue
Hair Dark Silver
Height 6'
Weight 178lbs
Build lean
Origin Moon Kingdom
Unit Moonlit
Rank Aurora Master


You are likely to never see Raynar out of his armor. If, by some miracle, you manage to, it is for only one reason... his Queen insisted upon it.

Dark silver hair, cut short. It's spiky looking, but if you touch it, it feels fluffy. His ears and tail match the color of his hair, though the fur on his tail is medium length, silky, and rather elegant looking. Eyes are silver, not dark, but more a bright silver, though there is a hint of blue to them. The blue, depending on his moods, can be more distinguished at times, more visibly seen, this, of course, means that the silver is less noticeable, due either to the fact is seems to over take the silver, or because it's a rare color for him. Also, eyes are reflective, he is wolf, after all. His canines are longer than a normal humans, but they aren't very long. Needless to say, it's rare to see these as well.

Raynar's expressions are mainly one of smiling. It is rare to see any other expression on him, unless you are a master, then you will get the chance to see a serious expression on him, that is, if problems are serious enough for such an expression. The only one who will probably ever see anything else would be the Queen, and even she doesn't see it all. Though Raynar maybe wearing a smile, it doesn't always mean he is happy. Tail twitches and ear movements are about as much of a sign to his true mood as you will ever get, though he tries to hide those signs as well.

He carries very few weapons. Actually, he only carries one, his sword, which is kept at his side, and is very rarely drawn. The blade is straight, but the tip of it curves upwards. The dull edge of the sword follows the line of the cutting edge, but towards the end curves up ever so slightly before slopping downwards to met the sharp edge of the blade. The sword is elegant and doesn't look sturdy, but it's as strong as any normal blade would be.

Clothes: Silver, heavy, thick armor as well as hard leather. Gloves cover his hands.

Accessories: Scimitar Sword


Overall? Raynar is a happy guy. If you ever see him, you will notice he is constantly smiling and is constantly in good humor. He's willing to joke around, and, despite his rank and responsibilities, he is actually a very playful fellow. However, despite his playful nature, he is also very secretive. If you ask him a question about himself, most of the time he will not answer them, instead he'll give you a "Hm?" and a smile, and find a way to change the subject.

Raynar's devotion to the Queen is only be rivaled by the one knight he has very little control over, Cael. However, having this knowledge, he has no problems with the way the knight acts towards him and, in fact, actually has a great deal of respect for Cael because of this. However, Raynar's favorite things to do, besides serve his Queen, is pick on some of the knights, mainly Cael and Niketas. He also has a fondness for the Queen's youngest children, Skylar Quintessence, Nina Quintessence, Quinlin Quintessence, and Plutos. Raynar has his smiles that can melt people's hearts, but his true, deep smiles, he keeps only for the Queen, though no one is quite sure why, as he will not explain.

As far as relationships go, Raynar is open to them, however, he keeps himself busy enough to not have them. The reason for this is unknown to everyone, he keeps that very much a secret, though there are speculations that run about the kingdom about his reasons; many of which involve the Queen.

Raynar is a believer in peace with the Sun Kingdom, and is not the type to lean towards war if there is a way it can be avoided. If there is anything he can to do to help his Queen obtain such peace with them, he will more than gladly do it. Though, if a war were to come about, he would lead his knights without hesitation and do what he must to keep them, his Queen, and the Queen's people safe.

Raynar losing his temper is something that is extremely rare to see, since in his position there is much he much handle and deal with, and losing your temper would do you no good. However, that does not mean it doesn't happen. There are rare occasions, and they are never witnessed. He keeps them to himself, only letting his temper flare when he knows there are not others about, and this can end in nothing happening, or can end in items being shattered and broken, leaving quite the mess for the servants to clean up.

Likes: Anything involving the Queen, the royal children, joking around, picking on Cael and Niketas

Dislikes: ?


Raynar is mainly a support fighter, as his abilities lean mostly towards controlling and redirection than to physical harm, though he is not helpless in a fight, and can very well defend himself and his Queen.


Raynar's primary weapon is his abilities in telekinesis, however, if forced into combat, he's weapon of choice, besides his abilities, is a scimitar sword.

Powers and Skills

Telekinesis. This can be from merely pushing items or people, to taking control of a unit's attack and directing it to a more strategic position. Raynar even has the ability to create a 'shield' around himself, however, this 'shield' can extend, at the most, about 5 inches away from his body. His abilities to push and pull items is limited as well, granted he has no problems in close combat with this, there is a limit to how far his powers can reach. So far, he has been able to get his abilities to span out to about 30 feet, and further than that, and it is untouchable.

The span of his ability is a guesstimate. It could possibly change.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Coordination, strategical

Weaknesses: Thick armor slows his movements but gives him more protection as he is not able to take harsh hits


In progress

Raynar was born to a noble woman from the Moon Kingdom, however, his father was not Moon Kingdom blood, nor even noble blood. His father, actually, was of higher class than his mother ever though possible for her to catch the eye of. His father was a foreign king, meaning Raynar has noble blood and royal blood running through his veins. He was given up to the castle not long after his birth to save his mother's reputation. It was well known that, when he was conceived, that his mother was not yet married, as well as the fact that her fiancee was away from the kingdom when he was conceived. However, this information has been kept from everyone, and is something Raynar holds very close to the chest. He is unaware if the Queen knows about his origin.

While Raynar was a child he played with the Queen's other children. Even through his training he would find time to spend with the other children, though most of his time was spent with the Queen's sons, since they could always spend their time sparring and teaching each other what it was they learned through their training that day, or over the past few days. Raynar was almost treated like one of the Queen's own children.

Raynar followed the life of any other boy who was training to become a knight. He went through being a page, and then went into being a squire. However, once Raynar became a squire, he was soon chosen to be trained as the High Captain's replacement. This made it hard for him to be able to find the time to spend with the Queen's eldest children, the ones he grew up with. Raynar trained hard and constantly. He was one of those knights you had better odds of finding in the training grounds than anywhere else.

Once Raynar became a knight he soon signed up for guard detail, as well as patrol detail and other duties to keep himself constantly busy. He wanted as much experience as he could get, just short of actual war. When Raynar wasn't fulfilling his duties, he was spending time with his High Captain, learning all the duties and responsibilities that came with the position.

Soon, before Raynar knew it, he was tripping over the Queen's youngest daughter, Skylar. At first he found it a bother to have such a young child, let alone girl, following him around but it didn't take long for him to grow fond of her. Eventually, he came to learn that when she wasn't stalking him, she was causing trouble. Eventually he learned she had found her way pass the guards and out the castle walls, and that all other knights/guards had issues getting her back into the castle. Soon, high High Captain got annoyed and sent him to go fetch the girl. It soon became another duty added to his list, to fetch her each time she got out, due to his abilities to return her quickly to the safety of the castle walls.

Raynar, at the age of 26, was assigned the title of Aurora Master, making him the High Captain. However, despite all his training for the position and the responsibilities, it took Raynar time to run, not only the Silver Knights, but the other division of the knights smoothly. He eventually took his turn at being the Queen's personal guard, as this honor is passed around among the High Captains/Masters. He fumbled in the position for quite some time due to sheer nervousness of such pressure. As time passed and he got used to it, this duty soon became his favorite, and one he looked forward to the most. He would even take the duty of watching over the Queen from the other High Captains, to allow them to worry more about their own duties. Eventually it came down to the only time another High Captain (or Cael), had to guard the Queen was when Raynar needed to leave her side, be it to eat, train, or handle his own duties. (It's still unknown by everyone, even to this day, how he manages to stay at the Queen's side and yet still know everything that happens as well as fulfill his duties.)

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