Skylar Quintessence

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—Skylar Quintessence


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The Basics

Name Skylar Quintessence
Gender Female
Race Half Fae
Age 18
Eyes Ice Blue
Hair Dark Navy Blue
Height 5'7"
Weight 126lbs
Build Slender/Toned
Role Princess


Dark navy blue hair that can is closer to black than blue, but in the right light, you can see bright blue tones of different colors. Her eyes are ice blue, standing out in contrast with her dark colored hair. Her hair is loose curls, meaning that they curl slightly, naturally, though most are used to seeing her with her hair in tight curls, which takes her time to do. Skylar looks human, so it can be easily forgotten that she is half-fearie.

She inherited wings from her mother, and like her mother, will keep them hidden. She has been hiding them for so long, that it's no longer a thought process to do so, and this causes her to sometimes forget she even has them herself. Her wings, however, look like those of a butterfly's, though the coloring is not that of a normal one. Her wing reflect all different shades and tones of blue, lighter blues when in the light and darker blues when the light isn't shining on them. The blue coloring never stays in the same place.

Skylar, when at the castle, dresses in, well, dresses. Though, unlike her older sisters, she is not always modest about how much she shows off. She doesn't dress improperly, but she doesn't always dress completely proper either. This probably stems from the fact she likes to dress up as a boy, hide her curls under a cap, and head into town. She looks like a feminine boy.

Accessories: Daggers she keeps hidden on her person


Skylar is a free spirit. There's really no other way to describe it. She loves horseback riding, playing with bulls, finding her ideal guy (preferably a knight), playing with swords, talking with her brother, Nina, she adores Quinlin and Plutos, and can have a protective nature towards them at times. Her ideal goal for herself is to be like her mother. Skylar has no interests in actually being queen, but she thinks her mother is an ideal person. Strong, understanding, loving and full of life and knowledge.

Skylar doesn't care for the normal princess roles. She can't stand the idea of being a damsel in distress; she loathes it so much that if you mention it to her about her bring one, she might just slap you. Though she doesn't care for the princess role, she can play it rather well. This probably has a lot to do with the fact she looks up to her mother, and due to comments from Cael, who she feels has the need to prove herself to. This one probably being from the fact she's had quite the crush on the knight, though she knows she'll never catch his eye, it doesn't stop her from trying, even unconsciously.

Skylar adores her brother, Nina, as he is the closet sibling she has that she knows she can relate to. Despite the differences in their desires and interests, Skylar truly loves and trusts her brother, and he is normally the first one she finds out something she can't keep to herself. Despite her friendship with her brother, Skylar has also befriended some of the knights, Zephyrus being the one she considers her best friend (besides Nina, obviously).

As far as relationships are concerned, Skylar is interested in them. However, she has a standard. She refuses to marry a guy she can beat in a sword duel, and due to her training, she's not an easy match. Despite her hatred of being a damsel in distress, she wants someone who she can depend on, not to protect her, but to stand by her side if they should ever need to be in a fight. She wants a guy who won't try to sit her in a room all day and expect her to sew and look pretty, and as far as she's concerned, that's all her suitors want from her. Thus, she has sent her mind on having a knight for a husband. She understands the relationship will not be an easy one, but she is determined to try it out and fight for it.

Skylar hates to cry. She hates to show that weakness to others. Despite her efforts not to try and act like a spoiled princess, she doesn't always succeed. There are times when she will note she is in the wrong and work up the courage to apologize, but there are other times when she will stand firm, be it a spoiled princess act or not. She knows it's not fair, but she also realizes she still has much to learn, and a lot of growing up to do as well.


She's still training, so her combat style isn't definite yet.


She's learning to fight with the basics, a sword. She also likes using her daggers when she's out on her own.

Powers and Skills

Still working on this part...

Strengths and Weaknesses

Gettin' there...


Skylar doesn't have much in her background. She was born, and raised to be proper princess, though from a young age she always wanted to be outside and hanging around the knights. Between the ages of 5 and 8 she was not only causing havoc in the castle, she was also causing the guards problems, and stirring things up. She'd let in wild animals, play pranks on the guards, as well as other silly things that would cause trouble/get her into trouble. And when she wasn't causing trouble for the maids/guards/tutors/etc, she was stalking Raynar around the castle, causing him to trip over her.

Soon she started to get bored being within the castle grounds all the time, and was soon learning how to escape. This, of course, would cause even more trouble/worry than her pranks she played inside the castle. It was around this time she took an interest in learning how to fight too. Soon she started to realize, to delay her capture, she would need to disguise herself, thus starting her habit of dressing as a boy. The older she got, the better she got at dressing as a boy and slipping out of the castle, as well as better with swords/daggers.

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