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The Basics

Name Talia
Gender Female
Race Dragon
Age Unknown
Eyes Varies
Hair Varies
Height 5'9"
Weight 135lbs
Build Slender
Origin Unknown


Long, wavy hair that flows down to her hips. Her eyes, as well as her hair, have a light, stormy-blue base to them. However, their coloring never stays the same. As the sky changes in color, so does Talia's eyes and hair. However, just like the sky, it's not a change you are able to watch. It's a subtle change. On her head she has small horns. Small enough that, if she really tried, she could probably hide them in her hair, though that would take figuring out a style for it. She's slender, delicate and fragile looking. However, this is a case of where appearances are deceiving. She is strong and powerful. If she wanted to she could easily bend metal with only her hands.

She normally wears strapless dresses, and most of her dresses fall down to about her knees, maybe a little below or a just above her knees, this is, however, in nice weather. (Nope, haven't thought about cooler/cold weather clothing for her yet. Worry about that when I hit that bridge.) At times, around her waist, she will wear something you could consider a belt, however, the difference is that it's gold,and embedded in the gold are precious gemstones, otherwise she will wear just a simple silver chain. Around her upper arms she wears two solid gold bands, the same goes for her wrists. She has on heeled boots that come up to a few inches below her knees. Just above the ankle on her boots she has a solid gold band. Another one rests just below the top of her boots on both legs.

On her ears she wears two golden hooped earrings, and on her lobes she wears dangled earrings that have a sun, crescent moon, and a star all entangled in each other. Around her neck she wears a necklace with a pendent that rests just below her collarbone. The pendent is the same intermingling of the sun, crescent moon and star as her earrings that rest on her lobes. Two tattoos are inked on each of her shoulder blades. On the left side is a crescent moon and star woven together with a dragon encircling it. On the right side is a sun with a dragon encircling it. The two dragon heads reach out towards her spine to try and meet each other.

Dragon form description is still in the works.


She's proud and doesn't bow down to anyone. She is kind and patient to a point, but has a temper that flares, and when it does it is best to watch out because no one will be safe. Though just because she has a temper, doesn't mean she's the type to jump into fights. If she was to be put into a category of aggressive or passive, she'd be placed into the passive category. This isn't due to her lack of ability or power, far from it. She's not a fan of violence. She actually prefers to find a way out of any such action if she has the chance. If forced into a fight she's not the type to hold back. She will do everything she has to in order to end the fight quickly and make sure it doesn't happen again. Meaning she will use overkill in her powers to intimidate and make sure the fight ends quickly. However, if she believes you will still cause a threat if kept alive she won't hesitate to end your life, and she won't feel any regret about it.

Despite the fact she's in a passive category, it's not uncommon for her to be thought of as an aggressive guardian/protector. When first meeting someone it's not unlike her to treat you with kindness, but that doesn't mean for an instant that she trusts you. If she believes you to be a threat to her, she will not hesitate in telling you to leave. It can be said, for this reason, that she isn't fond of foreigners that happen upon her territory. Those who live in peace with her have done so for many generations and teach their young to respect the land and the dragon. However, if you manage to earn her respect, and moreover, her trust, then you will have her loyalty, and she will always be someone you can count on for help. At this point, it would be unwise to do something to something to break the trust she has, for she is vengeful. This does not mean she will straight out attack you, but it is possible for her to make your life miserable without violence.

She has a bit of a soft spot for silver, gold, gemstones, and anything else worth of value. It's not uncommon for her to get distracted by such objects. If she ever lets you into her home, you will notice she has quite the collection of objects. However, this would be nothing compared to the hoard she would have hidden in her den/cave. Her home would be decorated with the objects, whereas her den/cave would just have a nice large pile of them.

Basically, her weak and fragile appearance is just that, an appearance.



Debating on this...

Powers and Skills

Still in the works, meaning this is possibly not a complete list.

Immune to Disease

Basically she doesn't get sick from things like viruses and bacteria, and junk like that.

Immune to Poisons

Immune is only the correct term for part of this. If she's been given a poison before, weak or strong, it won't affect her like a poison should. A weak one won't bother her in the slightest, but a stronger poison will give her a headache, nothing more. If she is given/gets a weak poison she has yet to come across it will cause her a small headache, or some other discomfort. The stronger the poison gets, the bigger the discomfort. It can range anywhere from a serious, pain inducing headache all the way to giving her a fever and causing her to be sick.

Sky Elements

She has control over the sky. In dragon form, her abilities and control over the sky and their elements are practically unlimited. In human form she has the ability to call forth any sky element to do her will. What could a sky element be? Water, lightning, wind, fog, temperature changes, etc. She can use these for her own liking, be it defense, attack, or just wanting to help out a random traveler. However, she cannot cause great changes to the weather. She can call forth rain, but the area that gets the rain would be limited, whereas in her dragon form she could have it rain wherever she pleased. The limit on her human form abilities is due to the fact she places a limiter on herself when she shifts her form from dragon to human. The limiter is, thus, removed when shifting from human to dragon form.


Being a dragon, a race of creatures much is not known about, she has the ability to heal very quickly. Small cuts and scraps can take just a few seconds to heal. Larger cuts can take from a minute to a couple of minutes to heal, while a serious wound could take from an hour up to a full day to heal, depending on what has been injured and how many injuries she already has. However, this is not the only healing ability she possesses. She has the ability to heal others' injuries as well.

Camouflage/Color Changing

As a human her eyes and hair will change colors/shades to match the coloring of the sky. This is an ability that more suits her dragon form, but is something she cannot hide when shifting to human form. In dragon form it is her whole form that will change coloring and shades to match the sky. This allows for her move around in the sky without being spotted. It's not always a perfect match, as the sky does have various different coloring, but it makes her difficult to spot.

Diamond Skin

Dragon form ability only. Her skin is as hard as diamonds, making it virtually impossible to inflict damage on her. The only ones who have any hope of hurting her would be another dragon or another creature of her own magnitude.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Getting there...




Uh.. maybe. Probably... who the heck knows.