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Tariq is my second kitty boi. He was mainly created to annoy/flirt with Marcus (will post a link to him when he gets his own profile). Why? Because what's not amusing about annoying a stiff character with a character who's loose? (And gutter mind... thank you for appearing). Started out as a ship captain AND thief, and the thief was dropped cuz, well, that talent didn't get used all that often. So, here we are... my black kitty. Cross this black kitty's path and you'll never know what you get, so be careful~!


The Basics

Name Tariq
Gender Male
Race Catboy
Age 25
Eyes Amber
Hair Black
Height 5'10"
Weight 153lbs
Build Lean
Role Current:
Ship Captain


Pirate Captain


Elegant looking, it's hard for most to believe that he's a ship captain. His black hair reaches his shoulders, and is rather straight. He has a golden loop that dangles from his right ear. He wears a white shirt with ruffles that decorate the front of his shirt, and he has a habit of leaving one or two buttons at the top un-done. Accompanying this is a pair of black pants, black boot that come up to his knees as well as a long, black, leather jacket that comes down around his ankles. This jacket hides the sword that hangs at his hip. He normally leaves his hat on the ship, thus shows off his black ears and a long, thin black tail.


Fun-loving. Elusive. Pain-in-the-ass. Flirtatious. Hm. Tariq enjoys his fun, actually, he'd rather have fun than do most anything else, even his job. However, his fun-loving nature can get him into trouble, and if it does, well, he's not easy to catch, even for a knight. Tariq knows his way in and around getting arrested/caught, which leads him to be a pain in the ass, mostly to those who are... of a serious nature.

He loves to flirt. Boy, girl, whatever, he's more than happy to flirt. But don't let his flirting fool you, he doesn't sleep around. He prides himself on the fact he doesn't get into bed with just anyone, but this is also something he doesn't talk much about. He tends to let people believe what they want, and goes with it. He doesn't care, after all, it's not his fault you just assumed about him. He figures it doesn't change the truth, so why worry about it?


Tariq doesn't really have combat skillz at this point in time.. Lemme work on this with him and get back to ya...


  • Sword

Powers and Skills

  • Flirting?

Strengths and Weaknesses

We're discussing these. He thinks his looks are a strength and I'm trying to tell him that's not what these mean. *Sigh*